Need to lose weight for your Wedding?


BioClinics will be exhibiting at a series of Wedding Fairs over the coming months. The first is being held on Sunday 5th January at the Bolton Wedding Show (BL7 9PZ)

BioClinics will be there from 11.00am to 3.30pm offering the weight loss test at a special discounted rate of just £150 for orders placed on the day.

The new Weight Loss DNA Test is the perfect way to lose weight for your special day. And of course, because the results of your personal DNA report is a plan for life, you can control your weight and live happily ever after!

BioClinics will also be recruiting partners at the Wedding Fairs. To become a certified partner, call 0800 032 5945 to speak to a Clinical Advisor.


One in three youngsters leaving primary education is obese


The lack of a national policy to ensure children become more active is a form of mass child neglect, according to a new study.

It claims that despite a wealth of evidence showing the benefits of regular exercise, leadership and strategy on the issue are “totally absent”.

The report is from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, an influential research organisation which has drawn its findings from a number of experts from the worlds of sport and medicine, including Sam Allardyce, Richard Weiler, Gregory Whyte and Emmanuel Stamatakis.

They say regular exercise in childhood can help boost academic performance, curb anti-social behaviour and determine patterns of physical health and wealth in adulthood.

But only a third of boys and a quarter of girls in England meet the minimum recommended daily physical activity levels.

They warn that one in three youngsters leaving primary education is obese, most of whom will become obese adults.

The Highs and Lows of Cocaine


In the UK, a gram of cocaine costs around £40; in the US it can be as much as £115.

The number of people in treatment for cocaine addiction in the UK rose from 10,770 in 2006-07 to 12,592 in 2007-08.

Cocaine is derived, through chemical processes, from coca leaves. The Incas regarded coca leaves as a gift from the gods and used them in sacred rituals. Coca leaves – either chewed or brewed as a tea – do not produce an intense high and are still used regularly in the Andes.

Almost all banknotes in circulation in Britain are contaminated with cocaine, according to the Bristol-based company Mass Spec Analytical.

Snorting cocaine causes dopamine to flood the brain and increases serotonin levels, delivering a euphoric high. It also reduces pain, hunger and fatigue.

Paul Flowers: Hair Drug Testing for Senior Executives



The recent drug use allegations against ex Co-op Bank executive Paul Flowers has highlighted the need for organisations to screen senior executives for drugs before commencing employment or indeed during it.

This seems like common sense doesn’t it? To screen individuals who will hold a high level of responsibility and power? The fact is that very few organisations have a drug policy that includes the screening of senior executives. We could be cynical about this and perhaps think that the people in charge making the decisions about drug policies would rather not have themselves screened for potential drug use.

So this brings us back to the contentious issue of mandatory drug screening in the workplace. Forget about BioClinics having a vested interest in drug screening in the workplace, surely it comes down to basic health and safety in the workplace? And not just for the traditional safety critical job roles. It has recently been reported that in 2013 alone, illegal drug websites 

have been viewed from Parliament’s internet network 484 times. Do you want to be governed by and people making decisions on your behalf who are under the influence of drugs? The problem affects all workplaces from the shop floor right to the top.

There are of course much wider issues with regards to drugs and society in general. Specifically for the workplace though, surely the answer is mandatory drug screening? This would have the effect of deterring drug use and make the workplace a much safer place to be.

There are different options for drug screening in the workplace, from mass screening using Point of Care urine screens to hair drug testing and analysing potential use over a specific time frame. BioClinics recommend the hair drug test for senior executives before or during employment. For more information about the test, please visit

Drug driving: The great unknown risk on UK roads


The figures just don’t add up.

We know Britain has a serious drug habit, among the worst in Europe as a matter of fact. Yet our courts rarely deal with drug driving cases.

That’s good news, surely? It means our drug users stay off the road, right? Er, no. Wrong.

The truth is we don’t know how many drug users risk it on our roads. The police, the home office and the department for transport have been working on the issue for a decade, but their figures are largely based on guesswork.

We do know that in Germany, a country with a far smaller drug problem than ours, police prosecute more than thirty thousand drug drivers each year, while just two thousand or so pass through British courts.

We know that a recent survey revealed one in nine young British drivers have driven whilst on drugs in the past twelve months. And we know that at least one hundred and fifty people are killed by drugged drivers on the UK’s roads every year. But the true figure could be far, far higher than that.

The issue is not being ignored. The authorities have been talking about it for more than a decade. But that’s the problem: Ten years of talking has achieved comparatively little and all the while lives are being lost.

At present the police have a serious problem. Finding drugs in a driver’s bloodstream is not enough for a prosecution, they have to prove beyond doubt that the drugs were affecting the way the car was driven.

If you fail a breath test after a couple of glasses of wine, you’ll face a ban – and rightly so. But if you’re stopped after snorting cocaine and smoking a cannabis joint there’s not much the police can do. They’re not obliged to test you, they’re unlikely to have the right equipment and even if you do fail a test, it’s up to them to prove you posed a danger to other drivers. Seems crazy, doesn’t it?

We’re told a new law will come into effect within a year which will bring drug driving into line with drink driving. In the coming weeks police forces in the UK will be given roadside testing kits to try out.

They’re the biggest weapon the authorities have in the battle to keep drugs off our roads. They work on same the premise as breathalysers, testing saliva for traces of the most common illegal drugs.

It seems crazy that we’ve taken so long to introduce such a simple system. A system that could potentially save dozens of lives every year.

Success at Salford Business Expo


BioClinics presence at the recent Salford Business Expo was a huge success.

Many local North West business’s showed great interest in the drug and alcohol testing services on offer, including interest from the local professional Rugby clubs!

The new Weight Loss DNA test also attracted a great deal of attention with pre-orders being taken for the anticipated launch date of 1st November 2013.

For more information and how to order the Weight Loss DNA test kit, please visit or call 0800 032 5945